Antwerp, Belgium

September 8th, 2002
Antwerp Street

Antwerp is the world center of the diamond industry, besides being a port city! We dropped our bags at the hotel (3 flights up with only narrow stairs) and asked for a good place to eat. The restaurant we ate at had the best food of the whole trip! I ordered a lamb dish with a rich sauce made of tomato, cinnamon and chocolate. My sister got a casserole dish with a cornmeal type basis and spicy chicken. I also tried the pumpkin soup. We ate like pigs and then slowly trudged our way back to the hotel!

Sunday we dropped our bags in the train station lockers and headed out to see Antwerp.
Antwerp Train Station Antwerp Train Station

There is one major street which leads down the middle of town with all the shops and restaurants.
Antwerp Hand VandK Antwerp Street

As we walked we came across this museum of torture with a dummy dressed like the old dungeon keepers in leather outside the door. It was too funny, so of course we had to take our picture with it!
Antwerp Torture Museum

Then we walked past the Cathedral of Our Lady and relaxed on the park bench for a while. Just as we sat down there was this little girl (about 5) with a little stuffed monster chasing around the pigeons. It was one of those classic Kodak moments, but we weren't quick enough with the camera!
Antwerp Church

Around the other side of the church was the market square with the town hall flying flags for just about every country in the United Nations.
Antwerp Flags Antwerp Us Antwerp Statue
Antwerp Bldg

Next we visited the National Maritime Museum which is housed in an old castle on the Schelde River. The museum was really interesting, but not nearly as comprehensive as the one in Greenwich.
Antwerp Castle Antwerp Castle

Anyway, as we enjoyed our late lunch in the main square the weather started to look a little ominous.
Antwerp Dave and Keith

As we headed back to the train station, we were pelted with heavy raindrops from dark grey clouds!


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