Bergen, Norway

August 4th, 2004

Bergen view from Floyfjell

At 2:30pm on Wednesday we pulled into Bergen on the Coastal Steamer. There was a shuttle bus to take us to the main train station, but then a little walk to the tourist office to find accomodation. I was surprised to find the tourist office completely packed with people! We had to take a number for service... our number 75... and they were on 30. Dave was not in a very good mood and headed off to look for a place to stay. The only problem was that I didn't know if I should book something when our number came up since I had no way to know if he found something. So we grabbed another number just in case. It was a good thing we did because the first number was called before he came back. Dave didn't find anything, but fortunately the tourist office did find a place not too far from the train station.

Since we only had the one afternoon in town, we dropped our bags and set off sightseeing. First stop was the Floibanen Funicular, which goes 1050 feet up the Floyfjell Moutain. The view was really spectacular!
view 1 from Floyfjell view 2 from Floyfjell

We even met a new friend at the top.
new friend kids with new friend

The rest of the afternoon we spent walking around town...
museum building Flowers
little square with tourist office market
Johanneskirken statue zeus

After dinner we headed for bed since we had a long day planned for Thursday.

The time End

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