Granada, Spain

July 27th and 28th, 2002
Granada Landscape

Saturday and Sunday in Granada.... The bus ride to Granada is about 4 1/2 hours so we got there in the afternoon. The bus station is quite a distance outside of central Granada so we had to get another city bus to the main part of town!!! This time, we thought we'd be more careful and ask fellow bus passengers before we got off the bus. Well I guess we got the one guy who either didn't understand us or didn't really know, because we got off in the wrong place again! We wondered up and down a couple of streets before finding a nice policeman who pointed us in the right direction! After finding a place to stay for the night, we setoff in search of food. We ended up eating at an Indian restaurant that was all vegetarian. One of the dishes we tried was Paella. This is a very traditional Spanish dish which can be fixed many different ways depending on the location. It's basically rice with seasonings and then can contain different kinds of seafood or vegetables. The one at this Indian restaurant was one of the best we had on the whole trip because of the seasonings! Let me tell you that the night life in Granada is definitely alive! After dinner people come out from everywhere and stay out all night. Several times I was awoken in the middle of the night with the noise outside on the streets...

Anyway, let me give you a little background on Granada... With the Sierra Nevada mountains as the background, Granada is a very beautiful place.
Granada Sights Granada Sights
"The last Muslim stronghold in Spain, Granada was lost by the ruler Boabdil to Catholic monarchs Fernando and Isabel in 1492. Although Christians torched all the mosques and the lower city, embers of Granada's Arab essence still linger in the Albaicin and Alhambra."

The Alhambra is an old fortress palace up on top of one of the hills. The first Nazarite King Alhamar built the fortress part named Alcazaba. Then a royal palace named Alcazar was built for the Morrish rulers Yusuf I (1333-1354) and Mohammed V (1354-1391). Fernando and Isabel restored the Alcazar after they drove the Moors from Spain, but two generations later, Emperor Carlos V demolished part of it to make way for his Palacio de Carlos V. The grounds of the fortress were very beautiful too.
Granada Alhambra Granada Alhambra Granada Alhambra

These pictures are from the Gardens of the Alhambra....
Granada Alhambra Gardens Granada Alhambra Gardens
Granada Alhambra Granada Alhambra

These tall bushes were densely grown throughout one part of the garden creating huge walls which would open up into pretty courtyards of flowers, ponds, or fountains...
Granada Alhambra Granada Alhambra

As we walked through the large walls of bushes, we came out to the end of the garden which overlooked the entire city...
Granada Alhambra city view

The Albaicin are the Arab quarters of the city. "The Moors built their first fortress in this old Arab quarter. After the Reconquest, a small Arab population clung to the neighborhood on the hill until their expulsion in the 17th century. Since this is also on a hill, you can get a really great view of the Alhambra on the hill across from it.
Granada Alhambra


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