BORN APRIL 16th, 2006

first picture

Mommy went into the hospital around 3 in the morning. After hooking up a monitor to keep track of my heartbeat and mommy's contractions, there wasn't much to do but wait. As the contractions got stronger, daddy came to the rescue rubbing mommy's back. Finally at 8:08 am I arrived to a new world and met my family face to face.
mommy, daddy & me me & daddy me & mommy

I weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and measured 21 3/4 inches tall. I cried at first, but after eating I grew sleepy. For the next 24 hours I slept most of the time.

I had quite a few visiors the first day. I really didn't notice though because I slept the whole time. I kept waking up to flashes of light...everybody wants a picture of me!

On the second day of my life I became more active. I began to eat a little more and mommy ate a lot.
This is a close-up of me :) Cutest baby in the world of course!

The following morning, I was finally released from the hospital. I packed up my things and grabbed my bear. Grandma helped carry my balloons as we headed home for the first time.
bear leaving with grandma

The dinosaur End

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