April 16th ???

In the beginning (7 weeks) I was no bigger than a jellybean, but my heart was beating strong...
Believe it or not, I have all my major body organs and systems present. Of course they have a lot of developing to do still.
almost 2 months

At five months (20 weeks), I got my picture taken and it was announced that I was a boy! By this time, I was about 6 inches long and weighing around 9 ounces. I have all my fingers and toes and my ears can start to recognize sounds. I also move around a lot so I can work on my motor skills. Nobody else has really noticed that Mommy is pregnant, but she definitely has noticed me!
5 months 5 month tummy

With all the great food at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have steadily grown... or maybe it was mommy growing :)

At six and a half months, I am now around 2 pounds and almost a foot long. My eyes open and close and react to light. In fact I have all five senses fully developed.

We had everybody over for Christmas. I even got to hang out with my aunt and future cousin. Then after the new year, my mommy and daddy went on one last trip to Hawaii to celebrate my coming.
Christmas tummy 6 1/2 month tummy Jan 10th tummy Hawaii

Valentine's Day (31 weeks) and I weigh over 3 pounds and about 16 inches long. I take up a lot more room in mommy's tummy these days. Sometimes it seems a little small in here, but I kick and push out until I'm comfortable. The hair on my head is starting to grow, eyebrows and eyelashes are present, my nails have reached the tops of my fingers and toes, and my lungs are beginning to function.
almost 8 month tummy front almost 8 month tummy side

The week after Valentine's I got my picture taken too! See if you can make out my face...
8 month baby

It won't be long now...

Don't worry mom, be happy!

It's getting close... This was taken April 3rd
couple of weeks left -side view couple of weeks left -from behind

One week and counting...
one week left

Due any day now... This was taken April 14th
two days left

The dinosaur End

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