Five Months Old - Boston Trip

jellybean in Boston

October 2006 - Jellybean went to visit GG, his aunt, and cousins in Boston. The weather turned a little chilly, but that didn't stop him from exploring. The first day we went to Rockport. After a lunch on the waterfront, we strolled along the shops.
store fronts family jellybean's cousin

The next day we drove to Wachusett Mountain to see the changing color of the leaves. It was a very brisk wind and 35 degrees that day, so we were bundled up. The view was beautiful!
view from mountain

The third day we went to a trapeze school with a few of our cousins. The school lets people try a swing, so mommy and daddy gave it a shot. It was a long way up (or down, depending on how you want to look at it). The swing included a flip down to the net at the end.
daddy on the swing ladder to the top

Later that evening, we went to play with all the relatives. There were a lot of kids to play with and pictures to be taken.
cousins playing at dinner cousins playing with camera group shot

Pictures with GG and G-aunt before we left.
GG and jellybean GG, Jellybean, and aunt

The dinosaur End

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