Home for the First Time

Once we arrived home, the picture taking began in earnest. (Good thing there's digital these days)

The room...
crib fish tank

This is one of his favorite spots to catch a nap.
on mommy's lap

Aiden had high levels of bilirubin (known as jaundice), so he had to have a light bed to sleep in for four days. The light bed is made up of ultraviolet light rays and fits just inside his bassinet. It also has a little fan in the bottom and a robe for the baby to lie in on top. Aiden had to sleep in the bed all day and night, but he didn't seemed to mind.

Once he got over the jaundice, we could play a little more.
mommy & me face to face daddy & me face to face

Aiden's superstar pose and peaceful sleeping!
relaxed after eating sleeping after eating

More napping after eating...
relaxing on couch

Here's some close-up shots...
face close-up face close-up

The cat comes to check out the baby
cat and baby

The dinosaur End

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