Cannon Beach, Oregon at Fourteen Months Old

Flew into Portland, Oregon and stopped for lunch before heading to Cannon Beach.

We went to Cannon Beach for a friend's wedding celebration. The big rock in the middle of the beach is called Haystack Rock. We played on the beach, cooked hot dogs, and watched the sunset.
Haystack Rock sitting on deck flying kite
walking on sand fire at sunset
happy couple us

One of the days we drove around sightseeing.
First we visited the Ecola State Park. There was a bit of fog hanging around but started to burn off. The little lighthouse in the water is the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.
Ecola Beach Tillamook Lighthouse trees with fog
Next we went to Hug Point State Park.
beach tree
When the tide goes out at Cannon Beach, you can walk out to Haystack Rock to see the marine life. It's really neat, but happened early in the morning so we missed the first couple of days.
sea anemone? starfish
tide comes in

More celebrations for the happy couple.
pix w/ puppies high five group

Another day at the beach...
playing in sand walk in daddy's shoes

The dinosaur End

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