Twenty Months Old


Before Christmas mommy took me to see Santa. It looked interesting enough, but when we got up to the front there was no way I was sitting in that guy's lap. Mommy sat with me and the nice lady taking the picture had some jingle bells. Distracted for 5 seconds, the picture was snapped...
santa visit

Christmas with Daddy's family... I got a brand new shiny red, blue and yellow tricycle from grandma and grandpa. I couldn't wait to get on it and ride around. Of course, daddy had to push me for quite a while until I figured out the pedals.
tricycle smiling tricycle
My cousin got cool gifts too and we played with all of them until we were worn out.
cousin & elmo baseball bat spider
sit n spin R&M&O group
We also got to celebrate grandpa's birthday. He let me help blow out the candles.
grandpa & cake blowing candles

Christmas with Mommy's family
kids in front of tree
In the Christmas spirit of sharing :)
fighting over toy
Opening presents and playing with all the toys.
piano dump truck bike
reindeer ears jack in box firetruck

The dinosaur End

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