September 22nd and 23rd, 2002


Sunday morning, Dave and I packed our bags and jumped on a train to Bristol. Dave had a meeting on Monday with a firm in Bristol, so I came along for the ride! Bristol is on the southwest side of Britain, close to the coast. Upon arriving, we decided to take the water taxi into the town center. Since the water taxi only picks up every hour or so, we had to entertain ourselves until it arrived!

Dave with moose thingy? bristol bridge bristol water view

We took the first water taxi to the town center/shopping area and then had to pick up another water taxi line to take us further down the river to our bed and breakfast.

bristol main center bristol main center

After we checked in at the bed and breakfast, we asked the owner for suggestions of places to eat dinner. He told us a couple of places and we decided to try an indian restaurant that was just down the street. Dinner was great, but we were absolutely stuffed! In an effort to walk off some of dinner, we just set off walking along the river. Soon we came upon a series of locks which were just about to open for a couple of sailboats. So we stood and watched! It was pretty neat!

bristol river

First they closed the outer gates to build up the water level where the boats where sitting...

bristol loch bristol sailboats

Once the water level was high enough, they opened the first set of gates and began to rotate the bridge out of the way...

gates and bridge bridge turning bridge turned and gates opening

After the locks and swing bridge, we saw this big bridge in the distance and decided to set off towards it. It was starting to get dark at this piont, so pictures were a little dark...

bristol suspension bridge getting a little closer... suspension bridge

Finally we made it there! We had to walk up several long steep roads, but it was worth it!

suspension bridge plaque suspension bridge view from bridge

It was a full moon too!!! It took me four picts to hold still enough to get steady shot!

bristol moon

Since it was getting cold and dark, we headed back to the B&B to turn in for the night. The next morning, Dave didn't have a meeting until noontime, so we headed back up to the bridge and conservatory to check it out in the daylight! Notice the cave opening in the cliff on the last picture.

bristol suspension bridge suspension bridge

According to the Bristol history, the Clifton Observatory was originally a snuff mill, partially destroyed during a gale in 1777. It was then rented to an artist, William West, in 1828 who built a camera obscura in it's studio. "The camera obscura projects a panoramic view of the surrounding area onto a white surface inside a darkened room using a convex lens and sloping mirror. It gives a true (not mirror) image." The camera obscura is still functional today in this observatory, but we did not get to see it since it was before opening time. However, we did get to see a camera obscura at the observatory in Greenwich and it is definitely worth seeing one. Anyway, back to my history.... "The St. Vincent's Cave, also known as Giant's Cave, is about 250 feet above the valley floor. William West cut out an underground passage to St. Vincent's cave. Originally, the only access was via the cliff face. It is said to have been connected with the ancient chapel and hermitage of St. Vincent and presumed to have broken away from the cliff into the gorge beneath."

bristol conservatory cave in cliff

Since it was getting closer to noon, we headed toward the town center so Dave could prepare for his meeting and eat lunch. I quietly read the newspaper, while we sipped coffee and he typed on his computer and reviewed documents. When he left for his meeting, I took off on another site seeing excursion with my trusty map and camera! First I came upon some university/school buildings...

school building school building school building

This building with the statues on top is actually a museum, so I went inside to look around. It was a neat little musuem, but nothing compared to the ones I've seen in London of course! The tall building next to it appeared to be more university stuff.

Museum building cool building

Off to the west, I could see the top of a building that looked interesting. So off I go to the west! I eventually came upon Brandon Hill, which housed Cabot Tower. Yeah!!! Another tower for me to climb! It was absolutely beautiful at the top with great views of the city!

Museum and tall building I was just looking at.... I love the detail on the tall one!

museum view tall bldg

Canons House and Amphitheatre...

ampitheatre view

SS Great Britian next to the Maritime Heritage Centre

ship view

Pretty little waterfront houses on the south side of the river...

river house view

The good old Suspention Bridge across the back of the picture!!!

bridge view

Neighborhood houses of the city to the North...

houses view

While I was up in the tower, I saw the top of the Bristol Cathedral and you know I can't pass up looking at a cathedral! So I noted in which direction I needed to walk and set off towards it once my feet where planted on the ground again :) Of course, I got a little sidetracked on the way... The owner of the B&B had mentioned a Georgian House which was supposed to be a good tourist thing to see and it was on the way! The house had all the rooms decorated just like they would have been, including little plaques with antidotes and descriptions of the people that lived in the house. Anyway, on to the cathedral...

cathedral cathedral inside

cathedral inside cathedral inside

As I looked at my watch, I realized it was almost time to rendezvous with Dave. I had agreed to meet him around 5:00 in front of the office building and it was already 4:30! My how time flies when you're having fun! So I hurriedly snapped pictures as I made my way back to the business center. Here's my interesting little shots!!!!

building next to cathedral statue & flowers


The diamond End

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