Dimitsana, Greece

October 16th, 2004

Dimitsana view

Dimitsana is another mountain top town, which sits at the top of two hills (2789 feet) at the beginning of the Lousios Gorge. There are plenty of trails to go hiking around the area, but it was too rainy. Luckily the bed and breakfast listed in my travel guide had vacancies so we didn't have to look too hard. The first thing we did was put our wet cold clothes out to dry and make some hot coffee.

Dry and warm again I set out to take some pictures of the town. Since it was still quite drizzly, I walked around taking pictures out from under my umbrella. I loved the way the clouds drifted around the mountainsides.
building tops church top
street valley view

Sunday morning we confirmed that the bus doesn't come to Dimitsana on the weekends either. We stopped in a cafe for breakfast and asked if they could order us a taxi. An hour later we were on the road to Monopoli. The drive was most enjoyable. The driver stopped along the way to let us take pictures and told us about the history of the area. We talked about our family and he told us about his. From Monopoli we got on a couple more buses until we arrived in Tolo that evening.
taxi ride

The little design End

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