Koroni, Greece

October 11th-13th and 21st-22nd, 2004

Koroni Streets

We enjoyed Koroni so much we went there twice on our trip. The first time my sister and I stayed for three or four days. We played on the beach when it was sunny and read books on the balcony of our room on rainy overcast days. Everybody there was so friendly, it was like we had known them all our life. The second time we went there with my sister's boyfriend.

When we first arrived into town, we stopped at a cafe to have some lunch. At the cafe we asked the waiter if he had any recommendations for a hotel or bed and breakfast. He said he knew some places and would call a friend. After lunch his friend showed up in a fancy car (very uncharacteristic for a small town) and tells us to get in. We told him he must have misunderstood us because we were just looking for a place to stay in town. He says that the place is in town but up the hill, so he would drive us instead. The guy drove like a maniac! The road cuts back and forth up the hill, lined with houses on both sides. I was really worried he would run someone over when he turned the blind corners way too fast. When we finally got there, I was glad to be out of the car. The problem was that the place was really on the outskirts of town at the top of the hill. Not exactly what we were looking for.... He said "fine, just get in the car and I'll take you back down the hill". He drove back down just as fast as he drove up! At the bottom of the hill he dropped us off at the door of a small hotel just off the main street. He said something in Greek to the lady at the front door, told us she would take care of us, and then drove off.

We were somewhat hesitant, but the owner took us upstairs to show us around. The rooms along the front had a little balcony with chairs. We got to talking about her family... Her sons were going to university in the U.S. We asked if she cooked all the homemade Greek food, to which she said "yes, of course". Well we couldn't pass that up.

As usual, we spent the first afternoon walking around town. The road cuts back and forth up the hill, but there are a series of stairs running up through the town for a more direct route. We decided to take the stairs up to the top towards the castle. Currently the castle is occupied by the Timios Prodromos Convent so there isn't much to explore.
Castle View from Castle area

Further back from the castle is an old graveyard and church.
old church

When we returned the second time with my sister's boyfriend, we stayed at the top of the hill instead of the waterfront. From here you could see all of the town below. I loved sitting out on the porch and just staring out over the water.
town from B&B church on streets

During the day we walked over the other side of the hill and hung out at the beach. We always talked to people as we meanandered around town and ended up meeting a Greek guy who used to do shipping around Texas and Louisiana! He asked me about places that he used to go and how they have changed. It's such a small world sometime.
beach thru trees on beach

In the evening we walked to the bottom of town to have dinner at the place my sister and I had stayed at the first time.

It was hard to leave such a beautiful place.

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