Buckingham Palace and The Queen's Mews

Summer 2002

Buckingham Palace Golden carriage

Buckingham Palace was built in 1825 by John Nash. We arrived there just in time to see the changing of the guard.... Well, ok, you can't really see much of the changing of the guard unless you get there really early. People crowd in everywhere and you can't see much. However, you can hear the band playing and get a pretty good glimpse of the guard when they leave the Palace and head off down the street.

Changing of the Guard Gates of the Palace Closeup of the Gates

Just in front of the Palace, there is a big fountain and sculptures.

Guard in front of Palace Sculpture Fountain top

This is the gate in front of Green Park right across from Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the Guard

The Queen's Mews is just around the corner from the main entrance of Buckingham Palace. The Mews displays all the carriages owned by the Queen. It even has the big golden carriage the Queen rode on her Golden Jubilee and the black carriage that Princess Dianna rode in after her wedding. There are many carriages which were gifts from other countries or special occasions.

front golden carriage back golden carriage side golden carriage

black carriage black carriage

I thought it interesting to note that the Queen names each of the horses in the mews. The horse has it's name put on a plaque on it's stall and then has a name plate which can be worn around it's neck too.

The knight End

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