Tolo, Greece

October 17th-18th, 2004

Tolo view

Tolo is a popular tourist beach town for the English. Everything from the signs to the menus are written in English. As we sat in the restaurant the first night, it was strange to realize that all the other patrons were speaking English with a British, Irish, or Scottish accent. I thought the beach was really pretty, however, it seemed a little overrun by the hotels and restaurants. Since it's in a little bay, the water and winds were much calmer than other beaches we visited. We took full advantage of the great weather. If we weren't laying on the beach then I was swimming laps up and down the coastline.
sandy beach rocky beach

We did make a little time to walk the town the first morning.

That afternoon at the beach we met a local guy who grows organic oranges in the area. He was telling us how hard it was to make money with organic products because people want "pretty" fruit instead of healthy. That evening he met up with us for dinner and interesting conversation.

The next morning we spent on the beach. In afternoon we walked down the coastline a little to Ancient Asine. Asini was occupied during Mycenaean times, but destroyed by Argos in the 7th century BC.
Ancient Asine Ancient Asine closer up

I climbed up the hill at Ancient Asine and took a few pictures looking over the water and back inland.
view from top view of water from top

This was a precious little garden we came across as we walked down the road.
little garden

It was a beautiful afternoon, but we didn't have time to loiter since we wanted to catch the 5:00 bus out of town.

The little design End

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